Scheduler API for Premium Members


Like everything we do, we kept it simple (kis): it's a simple HTTP GET request API with JSON response.

Endpoint is:


Use email and key parameters to authenticate every request.
You can get the key from your settings page.


All of the following parameters are mandatory and should be url-encoded in the query string, eg:
Parameter Description Example
email Your email address.
Used for authentication
[email protected]
key The secret key obtained from your account's settings.
Used for authentication
reminder The actual text of the reminder Call mom and wish her a happy bibrthday
timezone Your local timezone, see list. America/New_York
datetime The time of the reminder, ie: when do you want the reminder email to be sent to you.
Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm (time is in 24h format)
2024-07-14 21:31

Note: setting a recurring reminder is not available from the API at the moment.

Example of a request


You can try it in your browser, but obviously, you'll get a erroneous response as the authentication will fail.


Response is in JSON format.

key Description Example
success Boolean (true/false) to state whether the reminder was scheduled or not. true
id String identifier of the reminder. Only exists when success=true. JZNvwsLL5
errors Array of errors, each consist of two keys: id and description
Empty when success=true

Example of a successful response

    "success": true,
    "id": "JZNvwsLL5"

Example of a erroneous response

    "success": false,
    "errors": [
            "id": "datetime",
            "description": "You can only schedule future reminders."
            "id": "key",
            "description": "Secret key is invalid."